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In collaboration with Selfridges and briefed from the London Head Office as a group four students and myself came up with the Selftopia concept. To summarise it is about individuals in constant competition with one another and culture is becoming a battle ground rather than a community. With the world’s largest scale problems crumbling around us it's time to create a fusion of forces to push forward and disentangle the chaos. The only way we can move forward is if we become at peace with not only the bodies we walk this    precarious planet with, but our own souls. Utopia allows us to cul tivate our own haven whilst becoming mindful on what path we want our planet to take and how we can craft a positive future . The key is to sustain the Utopia by spreading the word that small steps will make a big difference. The material that illustrates this concept is Ceramics, the way Ceramic is made mirrors the action of mould a better world. Each Ceramic is hand crafted and personal just as everyone’s SELFtopia is unique to them.

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