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With the millennial generation getting older and now of the working age, they are powerful and influencing the way companies work, this dissertation proves that companies need to keep up with the millennials. 


Many millennials have lost trust in online reviews and advertising with many influencers getting paid large amounts of money to promote products consequently making it harder to trust anyone with a large following on social media. 

For the future of advertisements it was proven in primary and secondary that the more interactive companies are, the more millennials pay attention, that being online and in-store. Many companies such as Becca Cosmetics, Too Faced and Beauty Bay have listened and mastered how to grasp the millennial attention, for example, Beauty Bay created a television advert, that is proven in primary research for millennials, currently in 2017, it is most memorable way of advertisement. The reason being that people cannot swipe away live television adverts like they can on social media. Becca Cosmetics, Too Faced and Beauty Bay are now inspirations to their competitors because if they do not keep up with millennials, the company will most likely suffer. 

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