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The nail industry is currently worth £153million, with the average British woman spending on around £450 on their nails a year. WAH are now the leading salon in London for nail art and changing the way people go to salons. With the help of owner Sharmadean, her millenial voice and innovative ideas, nail salons will never be the same again. Since opening her store in Soho, London, customers can now have futuristic virtual reality experience. To make WAH stronger and kick start world domination, the next step is to launch WAH Tokyo, with Japan being the worlds largest share in the world for electronics and technology, WAH is garunteed to keep stepping up the game of salon technology when they internationalise to Japan with it being so advanced.

The marketing strategy put in place will create huge brand awareness, encourage women of Japan to stand up and make a change; Japan is currently 111th in the world economic forum gender equality rankings and WAH is aiming to make it better and have more girl power across Japan. Women will have a place to escape and bring profitable growth to WAH making it even greater against their competitors being in the technology hub of the world, things will only get better and more of an experience within their salons.

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