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Mini Estee is a subscription service with a twist. Customers can personally pick samples delivered straight to their door with a personal profile. They are encouraged to review the products they order, post photos and interact with other users, hopefully encouraging each other to experiment within the brands buying different products and bring in a younger demographic to the companies. 

The subscription box industry has grown by 800% since 2014! With on average 37 million people visiting subscription websites

in April 2017, proving there are many potential customers for the Mini Estee concept to add to the billion customers the companies already have. The trust of customers reading online reviews has reduced over the years with the rise of influencers getting paid to write reviews about products. Consequently, people are more resilient to purchase products if they suspect people are sponsored and paid. It queries if companies have trust in the product. As Mini Estee will not filter reviews it will give the customers an opportunity to have an honest opinion of a product. Mini Estee’s availability will revolutionise the sample market being quick, easy and personal to customers.

‘Experimentals will be more experimental than ever!’

and aims to make Estee Lauder Companies more well known than ever.

Marketing Book

Marketing is important to the launch of Mini Estee and it is essential it will fit in with all 29 companies asthetic

and appeal to a wilde audience, not just the core consumer. The marketing will be a mix of social media, magazines, underground and press send outs to make a multi-media impact on the consumers. The key techniques to spread the word for the launch of Mini Estee is predominately through social media as it is the most popular way to get the word out for the early millennials demographic. This will allow the consumers to interact with Mini Estee all the time through the application and social media giving a multi-channel experience and transparency from head office down to the consumers.

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